Apple Watch Ultra the real Apple novelty for this 2022, with a 49 mm titanium case Apple Watch Ultra has the brightest screen ever with 2,000 nits of peak brightness. To improve performance in extreme conditions, an additional speaker and microphones have also been added (for a total of 3), so that you can always hear it and also so that Watch Ultra always hears the voice commands.

DESIGN: The real novelty of Apple Watch Ultra lies in the design, imagine it as a super pumped Apple Watch 8 or even an Apple Watch 7 that remains the same, with the 49mm screen Apple Watch Ultra in fact rewrites the rules of all Apple Watches never before had there been such a large screen that we could interact with it almost as if it were a small iphone.

PRICE : The price of the Apple Watch Ultra is also high! in fact it is sold for 1,009 euros but it is really worth them all! Apple Watch Ultra should be imagined as another type of watch always an Apple Watch but different in fact it is called ULTRA for this very reason.