Who we are | Our Mission


Hi, I'm Emanuele the founder of Bandswatch.it

like so many millions of people I own an Apple Watch and I am the first fan of this incredible watch, I have always maintained that the future in the field of watches was the smartwatch, in fact the greatest thing about owning an Apple Watch is precisely the fact that you can change the watch face whenever you want, in this way you have the feeling of having a new watch every time you change a face, this thing with a traditional watch is obviously not possible.

My passion for customization, however, pushed me further, for me it was not enough to have only the personalized screen I wanted to have a strap model for every lifestyle, to go to work or to the gym or to go out at night with friends, in short, this is where BANDSWATCH is born.


We believe that buying one or more straps for your Apple Watch should be a very simple thing and affordable for everyone without having to spend three zeros. Our work begins right when your purchase arrives at your home or office, we know that all our customers "like us" are Apple fans and deserve the best from us, which is why we strive to offer the best. possible service to make our customers happy.

At BANDSWATCH we are committed to offering the best compatible accessories for your Apple Watch for both men and women. At this point sit down, relax on the sofa perhaps in front of a cup of tea or watching a television series and explore our store and discover all the straps that fit your lifestyle and create your Apple Watch your way!