the new iPhone 15 Ultra will be presented at the beginning of September

il nuovo iphone 15 Pro, sarà presentato a inizio Settembre

the new iPhone 15 is about to arrive, all the rumors that have been going on for months but have not yet given certainty on the name that Apple will adopt for the flagship model which should be called iPhone 15 Ultra taking the place of the old name which would have been iPhone 15 Pro Max , the presentation date should be September 12, 2023, there is very little left and everything will be revealed by Apple.

Since we are talking about previews, I will not describe in detail all the features of the device but only the most relevant ones in the various sectors:


iPhone 15 Ultra takes its name from Apple Watch Ultra, which is why Apple will probably introduce Titanium on iPhone 15, replacing the steel of the iPhone body, this will bring two big benefits, the first concerning the weight of the device which should become much lighter given that Titanium is notoriously as resistant as steel but much lighter, the second benefit is linked to the first, given that by decreasing the weight of the device Apple will probably be able to insert larger batteries and this will perhaps burn off the weight gain obtained with the transition to Titanium but will lead to much longer durations of use which basically, given the same weight of the device, will be a fundamental upgrade. the iPhone 15 Pro will be equipped with an OLED screen again with a 120Hz frequency with even thinner edges which will allow even more enveloping dynamic island animations that can be used for new features.


The iPhone 15 Ultra camera will be a real upgrade compared to the one mounted on the iPhone 14 Pro Max given that the Periscope sensor will be introduced, obviously we are talking about super advanced technology and which will allow a zoom like never seen before on an iPhone, this type of sensor could only be mounted on the iPhone 15 Ultra and not on the iPhone 15 Pro, this is in fact another difference that could be reintroduced with the new iPhones, therefore a hardware difference between the two top of the range models therefore iPhone 15 Ultra and iPhone 15 Pros.


iPhone 15 Ultra and iPhone 15 Pro will have the new Apple A17 chip made with a 3nm construction process and could reach up to 8 GB of RAM , with significant improvements in performance, speed and efficiency. What everyone hopes is that the new processor is optimized from day one and is less energy intensive and above all heats less than the previous ones.


Given the European legislation, Apple has finally had to align itself with the directives and therefore equip the new iPhone 15s with the Type C charging port, already introduced on the iPads. From now on, future iPhone 15s will also have this standard. On the battery side, there are no official sources. but it will be rumored that all the new iPhone 15s will have 200 to 400 mA more than the corresponding 2022 models.